Rev: 11/07/2018

Deadlines:  The SLJ is double-blind peer-reviewed, and now accepts rolling submissions. Manuscripts received by March 21st, including those presented at the annual SALSB conference, will be promptly reviewed and the author(s) informed of the publication decision on or before May 1st, for publication in the Fall edition of the Southern Law Journal.  Likewise, publication decisions for manuscripts received by October 21st, will be made on or before January 15th for publication in the Spring edition of the Southern Law Journal.

Rules for Eligibility: Although membership in SALSB is not required to submit a paper to be published in the SLJ, the author(s) must be member(s) of SALSB in good standing for publication. SALSB membership dues are posted at the website and are good for 12 months, from annual conference to conference. Manuscripts must be submitted by email (one original and one blind copy) to SLJ Editor-in-Chief, Professor Daniel T. Ostas, at dostas@ou.eduManuscripts that scrupulously conform to the formatting and style rules available at this website will be strongly preferred. 

Publication Rules:

1.  The author warrants that the work submitted is original and not previously published.  Simultaneous submission to other journals is permitted providing the SLJ is so advised, and the SLJ is promptly informed if the work is accepted for publication elsewhere.

2.  Papers should be between 5,000 and 20,000 words including footnotes.  This is between 10 and 35 pages, single-spaced with 12 point text and 10 point notes (see SLJ Style Sheet available at this site).  The typical published article is about 10,000 words (17 pages).

3.  Topics should be related to business law or the ethical/regulatory environment of business.  Pedagogical pieces are welcome.

Best Paper Award: Each year an article published in the SLJ will be chosen as “Best Paper” by the SLJ advisory editors.  The award comes with a $500 cash honorarium and nice plaque.  The award will be formally announced at the NEXT annual meeting of the SALSB.


Presenting a paper at the SALSB Annual Conference does not constitute submission for publication in the SLJ.  Authors who present at the conference, however, are strongly encouraged to submit to the SLJ by the June1st deadline as specified above.  It is anticipated that in any given year, most of the articles in the SLJ will have been presented at the annual conference, and conference presentation is preferred.  There is no published conference proceeding.

For further information, please contact:

Daniel T. Ostas
Professor of Legal Studies
University of Oklahoma
dostas @